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Review - Funky Divas Funky haircutFunky Divas Funky haircut

well, not quite, its actually quite a conservative haircut on account of me being a 47 year old accountant. very happy though

Rated on 04/12/2017

Funky Divas in Leeds is a hair and beauty salon and spa. They are located on the Dewsbury Road in Beeston, just south of Leeds City Centre. The salon is conveniently located regardless of how you get there. There is plenty of parking available in the surrounding areas, and public transport is also an option. Funky Divas Salon is on numerous bus routes in and out of Leeds City Centre, although there are fewer train stations in the area. The Spa is located just off the ring road, directly north of South Leeds Golf Club and a short drive east of the A6110.

Funky Divas offers a vast array of hair and beauty treatments. The highly trained salon staff only use products of the highest standard, whether that be the conditioner used in your wash, or the polish used on your nails. As is the case with all high-end salons, the fully qualified staff will usually start with a consultation about what your aims are for your appointment, as well as giving you the guidance that many years' experience can bring.

This may be from something as niche as the correct hairstyle to bring out your facial features, to the right colour nail polish to suit your outfit. So what about the services themselves? As mentioned, Funky Divas Beauty offers a wide range of services. They are specialists in Nails, offering everything from Nail Extensions and Overlays, to Nail Art. There are also a full range of waxing treatments, spray tanning, facials, and a whole range of hair services such as cuts, colouring and blow-drys. Funky Divas really is the one stop shop for all your hair and beauty needs.

So what next? Simply select your appoint, the time, and date, and add it your basket. You’ll be booked in in a matter of moments and you can look forward to the lovely ladies and gents at Funky Divas making you look your amazing best. Furthermore, if you enjoyed your appointment, why not leave a review? Doing so will make you eligible for a discount code which you can use to get money off your next appointment at the salon of your choosing.